Saturday, July 30, 2011

George Dinkel - Land Patent

I found my great-great-great grandfather, George Dinkel's, land patent at the Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records. The area described is in Todd County, Minnesota.

"To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting:  Whereas, there has been deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at St. Cloud, Minnesota, whereby it appears that pursuant to the Act of Congress approved 20th May 1862, "To secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain," and the acts supplemental thereto, the claim of George Dinkel has been established and duly consummated in conformity to law for the North half of the south east quarter of section eleven, and the north half of the sourth west quarter of section tweleve, in township one hundred and twenty nine, of range thirty three, in the district of lands subject to sale in St. Cloud, Minnestoa, containing one hundred and sixty acres according to the offical plat of the survey of the said land returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General.

Now know ye, that there is therefore granted by the United States unto the said George Dinkel the tract of land above described: To have and to hold the said tract of land, with the appurtenances thereof, unto the said George Dinkel and to his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony whereof, I, Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.

Given under my hand, at the City of Washington, the twenty fifth day of September, in the year of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and seventy four, and of the Independence of the United States the ninety ninth.

By the President: U. S. Grant
By S. D. Williamson, Sec'y
S. K. Sippineott, Recorder of the General Land Office.

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