Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rosa Lang's Birth Certificate

My grandmother's birth certificate is a bit hard to read, and is probably more confusing than enlightening.

Her full name is listed as Rosa Lang, even though her whole life she went as Rosalia Stella or Rosalie Stella. Stella is not mentioned anywhere on her birth certificate. She was born August 30, 1914.

The location of birth is especially confusing. The birth certificate is hard to make out, but from what I can read it says she was born in Trego County, Riverside Township, city of Ellis, Kansas. The city of Ellis, Kansas is located in Ellis County, in Ellis Township. My family had always believed that she had been born in the city of Ellis, Kansas (and therefore, Ellis County, in Ellis Township). Either the person who filled out her birth certificate was totally wrong about the County and Township, or he had listed Ellis as the city only to indicate the nearest city.

Her father is 45 year old, Ignatz Lang, and Austrian Farmer and her mother is 42 year old, Frances Eigner, and Austrian housewife.

Another puzzling note, is "the number of children by this mother now living" is listed as 12. By my accounts, Frances had 10 children total: Ignatz, Jr. (b. 1892), Katharina (1896), Ludwig (1899), Frank, (1901), Franziska (1903), Joseph (1905), Anna (1907), John (1909), Michael (1911), and Rosa (1914). Three of  these children, Franziska; Joseph; and Anna had died in 1909 from diptheria, which would make the answer 7. Did she include the the three children that died from diptheria and 2 possible still births and/or miscarriages in this count? Or am I missing 5 extra children (not likely)?

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