Tuesday, December 11, 2012

William Stone's parents

William Stone has always been my brick wall. The only details I knew about him were shady and unfounded. And with such a common name it was difficult to get anywhere with. The other day I mighty have finally toppled the wall.

The only facts I have about William Stone are as follows:

The 1870 US Census lists William Stone (b. 1858 in Missouri) living with his mother, Rebecca Stone (b. 1817 in Illinois), and his sister, Jennie Stone (b. 1854 in Missouri). 

26 February 1871 in Lake Sibley, Cloud County, Kansas, William's sister, Virginia Bell Stone "Jennie" gets married to Samuel Watson. She stays in Cloud County, Kansas and raises a family there.

The 1880 US Census lists William Stone (b.1856 in Missouri) living with his mother, Rebeka Stone (b. 1816 in Illinois) in Saline, Ellis County, Kansas. Rebeca is listed as a widow, and William's father's birthplace is listed as Kentucky.

I also checked Virginia (Stone) Watson's father's birthplace, and it to is listed as Kentucky.

Another researcher had previously told me that William Stone died in about 1888, but this was early in my research and I didn't think to ask where she got this information. I have since lost contact with her (side note: Starr Campbell if you ever read this, I would love to get back into contact with you and share more things about our Stone/Klotz ancestors!)

For years this was all I had to go on. I could not find William, Rebecca, or Virginia in the 1860 Census. I searched various misspellings in various states in the area. Nothing.

I started to look in the 1850 Census for a Rebecca Stone that was married to someone born in Kentucky. It paid off.

The 1850 US Census for District 70, Saint Clair County, Missouri lists the following:

Socrates Stone b. 1817 in Kentucky Farmer
Rebecca Stone b. 1815 in Illinois
Jeremiah C. Stone b. 1838 in Arkansas
Louisa Stone b. 1840 in Arkansas
Humphrey Stone b. 1842 in Missouri
James M. Stone b. 1845 Missouri
Frances Stone b. 1849 Missouri

This looked like a solid lead, but it didn't prove anything. I started trying to track the sons and daughters of Socrates to see if I could learn anything from them.

I found a cemetery record for Humphrey Stone. It listed his birthdate as 13 September 1842 in Saint Clair County, Missouri. He married a Missouri E. Hahn on 26 December 1866. He died 16 June 1912 in Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon. His father is listed as Socrates Stone from Kentucky. This is definitely the correct Humphrey Stone. I wanted to see where he lived in other census records.

The 1880 US Census lists Humphrey Stone (b. 1843 in Missouri) living with his wife, Missouri Stone (b. 1852 in Missouri) and his three children in Saline, Ellis County, Kansas. Humphrey's father's birthplace is Kentucky and his mother's birthplace is Illinois. He lives in the same Township and County as William Stone and Rebecca Stone. Humphrey's family is listed on page 385A and William and Rebecca are listed on page 386D.

In the 1870 US Census lists Humphrey Stone and his family living in Sheridan, Ottawa County, Kansas, which is approximately 45 miles from where Rebecca, William and Jennie were living.

This could be a giant coincidence. But I think William and Humphrey are brothers and the Rebecca Stone that is listed in the 1870 and 1880 Census with William is the same Rebecca Stone that is mentioned in the 1850 census with Socrates.

What do you think?
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