Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Henry Mauntel and his band

One of my favorite ways of searching for an individual is to use the search function on Google Books. Google Books has many books regarding county, and town histories that might have your ancestor mentioned.

After some creative searching, today I found my great-great-great grandfather, Henry Mauntel located on page 75 of Jasper and Huntingburg by Ron Flick and Jane Ammeson, Arcadia Publishing, 2005.

I knew that Henry was in a band in the early 1860's called the Helfrich band. So, using Google Books I searched "Mauntel" and "Helfrich", believing that any combination would be more than a coincidence. I was amazed that I happened upon a photo. Now, do you believe the "Front" row is the top or the bottom??

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