Thursday, September 8, 2011

S/S Saxonia

S.S. Saxonia, 1857 Hamburg-American line
Courtesy The Peabody Museum of Salem 300

On 20 April 1870 in Hamburg, Germany, a farmer, Carl Balder (50 years); his wife, Maria (50); and his seven children; Carl (23), Therese (18), Caroline (16), Robert (7), Edward (6),  August (4), and Anna (5 months) boarded the S/S Saxonia. All family members were from Kanitz Schlessien.

They arrived 16 days later on 6 May 1870 in the New York port. Little Anna, had passed away during the journey.

The S.S. Saxonia was orgininally built in 1857 at Greenock by Caird & Co. and was owned by the Hamburg America Line. More information regarding this ship can be found here:

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