Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Minnesota Resources

I am so thankful that many of my ancestors had the good sense to settle in Minnesota.

I have been doing research for many years, and Minnesota seems to be in the forefront of providing easy access to many important records and indexes.

  • Birth Certificate Index: index currently covers the years 1900-1934, and is supplemented by about 2700 pre-1900 records. The birth certificates can be purchased online. Once payment is received a PDF of the birth record is emailed to you. $9.00 per certificate.
  • Minnesota Offical Marriage System:  Dates vary by particular county, a listing of county dates available can be found here:
  • Death Certificate Index: This index covers death certificates from 1908 to 2001, and is supplemented by death cards from 1904 to 1907. These death certificates can be purchased online and will be sent via the mail in 15-20 working days.$9.00 per certificate.

My thanks goes out to all of the people that help make these vital sources available in an easy to access way.

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